You Must Develop an Alpha Dog Attitude to Train Your Dog

You bought a dog recently and you have started your dog training. You are trying hard to make your pet listen to you. But the amount of effort you are putting in your training, you are not getting the same or even near result. Do you know what’s the missing point? The answer is, you must develop an attitude of alpha dog. Check this great guide on pomeranian husky

If you lose control or don’t achieve an alpha dog attitude,  there is a high probability that your pet dog will not listen to you after a certain time. She will find out your weak points and disobey you. Not only that, it may start biting and extremely bad behaviour.

Have you ever watched really good dog trainers in action? They all have different dog training styles and different dog training techniques, but they all have at least one thing in common. That one thing is the Alpha Dog attitude. They all stand tall. They all speak in a tone of voice that says, “I am in charge.” They order dogs to do things, and they do not request the dog’s compliance. Alpha is an attitude. All dog trainers know this, and if you are ever going to train your dog, you must adopt and perfect the alpha attitude.

Establishing your alpha status with a new puppy is simple. The position of lying on the back with all four paws in the air is the ultimate passive-submissive posture. Watch a mother dog with her pups. When your puppy misbehaves or doesn’t obey immediately, the mother dog rolls the pup over onto its back and stands over it.

When your new puppy doesn’t comply with a command, simply roll him over on his back and hold him there for a minute. You do not have to hit him or shout at him. Body language is what dogs understand best. When you roll him onto his back, you are demonstrating your dominance. You are establishing yourself as the alpha in what the puppy considers his pack – the family.

When you start doing alpha dog activities, your puppy may not like it and it may start some activities to avoid your command. But you need to discipline yourself. No matter how cute your puppy looks during barking, you must train her in the right way. When you keep continuing your alpha dog attitude, the puppy will start to obey you. Your puppy is looking for something that she can depend on. When she discovers you in this position, she will feel dependant on you and start to listen to your words.

The bottom line is, you must be discipline to achieve an alpha dog attitude in order to train your dog.