The Innova Equus3150 is the top obdii scanner!

Equus 3150One of the most troublesome safety features of all modern cars, is the infamous “check engine” light! What makes this particular warning so hated, is the fact that it could come on for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from not important or down right false alarms, to catastrophic, such as imminent engine failure!

The problem is that there simply is no direct and immediate way to find out why it’s on! Your only option is to take the car to the mechanic!

But how can the mechanic tell what’s wrong with it? Well, he simply uses a special tool, called a code reader! You see all cars built after 1996, as well as many before that, are equipped with state of the art on board computers that keep track of all components found in the car.


When one of them malfunctions, they create a special code which can be retrieved and read by that special auto diagnostic tool mentioned above, the car code reader! The mechanic will then know exactly what’s wrong with the car and he’ll act accordingly.

This process is called a car diagnosis and every mechanic will charge you for it, even if it turns out that there was nothing wrong with your car!

Code readers for cars have become really easy to use and very affordable nowadays, which means that you can easily buy one and take care of the diagnosis process all by yourself, thus saving a few money during your next trip to the car mechanic!

In this Auto Scanner review, we will take a look at a brand new code reader, the Equus 3150 Innova ABS Professional CANOBD2 Scanner! Many people, amateurs and professionals alike, claim that it is one of the best car diagnostic tools on the market right now! Does it live up to all this hype?

Equus3150 Description

Equus 3150High tech and state of the art computers are vital components of every modern car, especially when it comes to maintenance!

That is why regardless of if you are an amateur mechanic or a professional one, you’ll need a good car diagnostic tool in order to fix and maintain a car!

This is why so many OBDII code readers are available in the market today, but there is one that truly stands out, the Equus Innova 3150!

This amazing car diagnostic tool will not only find and retrieve all OBD2 codes as well as most generic and manufacturer specific ones, but unlike other car diagnostic tools, it will even check your car’s ABD system and provide you with all kinds of crucial data and information regarding many of its components, including ABS solenoids, ABS pump motors, brake switches, control modules and speed sensors!


But the cool features of the amazing Innova Equus 3150 don’t stop there! You can also use its unique LED based system to perform on the fly emissions status checks!

You can also connect it to your PC in order to store and review data from previous tests! You can even update its operating system via the net! In short, this amazing OBDII scanner, will provide you with everything necessary to make a really quick and accurate diagnosis!


  • Really easy to use!

Thanks to it’s large and easy to read display, as well as its revolutionary one button all-in-one scree information display system, the 3150 Equus Innova will provide with everything you need to know about your car’s status and problems, really fast!

  • Amazing compatibility!

The Equus 3150 Innova car diagnostic tool, can easily retrieve and display all OBD2 codes, from all cars built after 1996, as well as most generic and manufacturer specific codes! It’s also fully compatible with CAN vehicles!

  • ABS testing!

Unlike most OB2 car reader models, the Innova Equus 3150 apart from being able to easily retrieve codes, it can also test your car’s ABS system and provide you with valuable data on most of its components, like the ABS solenoids, ABS pump motors, brake switches, control modules and speed sensors!

  • Easy Emissions status testing!

Thanks to its unique LED based display system, you can use the Equus Innova 3150 ABS to perform an emissions status test, really fast and easy!

  • PC compatibility!

You can easily connect the Equus 3150 Innova car code reader to your computer and use its accompanying software to store, review and data data from previous tests! You can also use the internet to update its operating system, or to access Innova’s world famous RepairSolutions service!



Equus3150 autodiagnostictool:ProsandCons


  1. Very easy to use thanks to the all-in-one screen information display feature!
  2. It can retrieve all codes from all OBD2 and CAN vehicles!
  3. It can also test just about all the components of your car’s ABS system!
  4. You can use it to perform on the fly emissions status tests!
  5. You can easily connect it to your computer for added functionality!


  1. The accompanying software is not Mac compatible.
  2. The RepairSolutions online service isn’t free.