Beautiful Rusk Flat Iron

The Rusk Flat Iron is an excellent hair straightening device manufactured by a company called Rusk. The straighteners are made from the highest grade ceramic plates meaning that they allow the hair to be straightened without applying excessive heat for a prolonged period. For this reason, hair straightened using the Rusk flat iron straighteners is less sticky and less prone to damage or future curling.

Another benefit of ceramic plates are their ability to diffuse the heat and spread it across the product more evenly, ultimately giving your hair more bounce and making your hair look as if it has been straightened professionally at a hair salon. Because everyone is different, Rusk has incorporated a temperature controller and a thermostat into their flat irons so that you can adjust the device to a setting that best suits your needs. In the past it has generally been considered that women are the only gender that can use best rated hair straightener.

While admittedly they do account for the largest group of users on this category, it has been noticed in recent years that many men have found the benefits of straightening their hair; this is probably due to the correlation with the increase in longer hair styles that men are now sporting. For proper moisturizing your scalp you should use some of the best rated hair steamers.

Rusk have for many years been well known in professional hair styling circles but recently have enjoyed a greater market share in the home or domestic market with ladies now preferring to straighten their hair at home instead of paying a fortune at a professional salon or to a mobile hair stylist. The Ceramic Titanium Complex (CTC) that the Rusk Flat Irons make use of means that hair is styled faster and that the product will last much longer. While many cheaper models and brands incorporate simply a coated ceramic surface, Rusk believes it is important that the entire surface be composed of ceramic material. This will benefit you in the long term as the straightening irons will last much longer than they would do otherwise.

Experts recommend that the maximum amount of moisture be retained by your hair to prevent permanent damage and inconveniences like split ends, because of the more equal heat distribution of the Rusk hair straighteners, the product needs to come into contact with a certain area of the hair for a greatly reduced time meaning that the evaporation of moisture is kept to a minimum.

You should however always follow manufactures guidelines and if it is recommended by them that a product is used in conjunction with the device then this is really something that should not be ignored.

In the past few years, tens of products have hit the shelves and the high street with the promise of adding moisture to your hair, either as a protective measure when straightening or as a contingency after straightening.

For the cost of a coffee at your local coffee shop, you could buy a product that will potentially improve not just the appearance of your newly straightened hair but that may ultimately allow your hair to remain undamaged for years to come. We hope that this Rusk Flat Iron review has helped you to make a decision about the next pair of hair straighteners that you buy.